by A. W. Tozer

Monday - July 22, 2019

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Once-born and Twice-born Living

If the world can escape annihilation only by adopting the ethics of Jesus we may as well resign ourselves to the inevitable explosion.

The hope that the nations will accept the ethics of Jesus, disarm and live like brothers is utterly unrealistic and naive. In the first place the teachings of Jesus were never intended for the nations of the world. Our Lord sent His followers into all the world to make and baptize disciples. These disciples were to be taught to observe the commandments of Christ. They would thus become a minority group, a peculiar people, in the world but not of it, sometimes tolerated but more often despised and persecuted. And history demonstrates that this is exactly what happened wherever groups of people took the gospel seriously.

To expect of once-born nations conduct possible only to the regenerated, purified, Spirit-led followers of Christ is to confuse the truth of Christianity and hope for the impossible. In the Scriptures the nations of the earth are symbolized by the lion, the bear and the leopard. Christians, in sharp contrast, are likened to peaceful sheep in the midst of wolves, who manage to stay alive only by keeping close to the Shepherd. If the sheep will not act like the bear, why should we expect the bear to act like the sheep?

It might be well for us Christians to listen less to the news commentators and more to the voice of the Spirit. And the inspired prophets will prove a fine antidote to the uninspired scientists.


My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27


If the nations could adopt the ethics and practice the lifestyle of Jesus then His death and resurrection to enable newbirth living would have been unnecessary. Wolves do not become sheeplike even if wrapped in sheepskins and sheep require the leading of the shepherd.


I am in the world, Father, may I not be of it. May my eyes be on the Good Shepherd.