by Alden Wilson Tozer

Wednesday - March 20, 2019

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Turning from the Old to Embrace the New

In view of the importance given to the Jewish records of ancestry, it is significant that all those carefully preserved records were lost in the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. So historians believe. Jesus had come as Redeemer and Messiah. Israel rejected Him, crucifying Him on the cross. But there could be no other. No other could have furnished the necessary proof of his descent from Abraham and David. Jesus, the risen, ascended Son of God was and is Israel's final hope.

As we come into a consideration of the things taught in this section of Hebrews, we must be prepared to do some thinking. We live in a generation that wants everything condensed and predigested. But here we must do some thinking. And in the end, the understanding we achieve will be well worth the effort.

In this part of his letter, the writer sets out to make three things very plain to the troubled Hebrew Christians of his day. First, he declares that the Mosaic law and the Levitical priesthood were not established by God as permanent and perfect institutions. Second, he makes it plain that the eternal and sinless Son came to assure believers concerning His superior and enduring priesthood, confirmed by His glorification at God's right hand. Third, he wants his readers to know that the plan of salvation for sinful men and women does not rest upon earthly offerings made by Levitical priests, but upon the eternal sacrifice and high priestly mediation of Jesus, the eternal Son, who also was willing to become the sacrificial Lamb of God.


Then he said, 'Here I am, I have come to do your will.' He sets aside the first to establish the second. Hebrews 10:9


Set aside are the Mosaic Law, the Levitical priesthood and sacrifices. Jesus Christ has come—Redeemer and Messiah. Heis our eternal High Priest and He is the once-for-all, forever effectual sacrifice for sin. God has opened wide to us the new way. Let's not live in the old.


Lord, forgive me for sometimes trying to drag remnants of the old into the experience of the new. You are my Mediator and You are the sacrificial Lamb for all my sin.