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About Technology and Other Stuff

Have you given much thought to technology and other things in the world you live in? I have given quite some thought to that over the years. My feelings toward it are sometimes mixed, although that should not be the case. My son once referred to the many modern time saving, convenient, or entertainment devices we now have available, as "Time Bandits". I'm afraid that in many cases he's right. And the number of these devices being produced continues to increase exponentially, seemingly on a daily basis. We now have so many time saving devices available that we devote our time, energy, and thoughts to, that sometimes it seems there is not enough time to devote to the things that really matter in our lives. Things that really matter require us to limit the influence of these other things so that we can devote our time, energy, and thoughts to our Almighty Creator, our Loving Father, God, and our families.

How much thought have you given to activities such as work, or sports, or spending the majority of our "free time" with friends, or anything else that we get pleasure from. Sometimes even serving in the church or studying the Word of God more than is needed or commanded by God can actually be detrimental to our relationships to God and/or our families. Do the things we do in reality require time, energy, and thoughts we would be better off spending in true devotion and real fellowship with our heavenly Father, His Son, and His Spirit, and our families?

I'm not saying that all of these things are bad for us, or evil, or anything like that but I fear that many give so much of their time, energy, and thoughts to those worldly things that sometimes God and/or our loved ones end up being pushed out of the way so more time, energy, and thoughts can be given to those things. By doing so, those things become gods when they replace our LORD as the driving force or forces in the lives and minds of people. They can also take the place of our families. I know I have been guilty of allowing that to happen at times in my life, how about you?

What has God's Word said about how He sees that? See Deu. 5:7 & 9 and Mark 4:19

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