Truth About COVID 2002 Planning

Less than 24 hours ago, I had just listened to our true president speak in Wilmington, NC on September 23, 2022. Early on in his speech there he spoke of the “China Virus” and questioned why it was called the “COVID virus. The fact is that in 2002 when CABAL/WEF/Central Bank was planning the “COVID Plandemic” to be released from China, they were calling it,  in 2002,  “COVID-AI”.

By the way, I am also certain that the president already knows the following information and the real purpose of his asking why it was named COVID was actually to get people to do diligent research and see for themselves and learn why. Most likely the planning for the Pandemic we know as COVID started years before 2002, but here is what CABAL/Worldwide Deep State devised in 2002.

Here is the broken down acronym explaining future plans they had for the COVID-A.I. operation in 2002 as it was being designed to function:




ID=I.D. or an individual’s identification in a digital computerized economic system

A.I.=Computerized Digital Artificial Intelligence 

To understand how they changed the acronym to what the world recognizes as COVID-19 and disguising the true meaning of that acronym consider these things:

A is the first letter of our english alphabet and was transcribed as 1

I is the 9th. letter of our english alphabet, and was transcribed as 9

Thus A.I.=19. The initially planned defining nomenclature of COVID-A.I, was altered so that it’s purpose was concealed to hide the plan of COVID- Artificial Intelligence which in recent years became known world wide as COVID-19, a much less threatening title for the PLANDEMIC from China which we have suffered and survived through until truth about it was spread around the world by some, as well as becoming apparently clear to others whose thoughts are led by the Spirit of God. Their vaccination plans included not only injecting mRNA material to alter a person’s DNA, but also included an individual ID number as well as nano-bots that could be influenced or controlled via G5 communications.

This acronymn openly not only identified the purpose for the future  “China Virus”  it was also revealing the subsequent vaccinations for it would be not only a mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine which not only alters human or other create-ure DNA codes but also would include injected digital code directed nanobots into the systems of those injected with it.

Those nanobots could potentially also permanently digitally tag recipients of the vaccine individually so they could then be as individuals identified as well as manipulated via G5 signal technology directly to the brain thus causing all injected individuals to become part of the CABAL/WEF/Central Bank planned future digital economic, and societal , controlled system once their digital “Great Reset” has been implemented. The same nanobots caused health issues in individuals and have the potential to even cause death should some bureaucrat decide to boost the now worldwide 5G communication signals up to a deadly 60G.

Some may believe this to be the implementation of the Mark of the Beast described in the Bible. I believe that at this time, because their plan to implement all of this, the Mark of the Beast will not now come to fruition. The Mark of the Beast is still a future event described in the Bible and will come at a later time in the future. It will definitely come to happen as described in the Bible, but I believe that is yet future and will, when it does come, be even more sinister and more controlled by evil men than we have been told by scholars, or that we can now at this time even begin to comprehend.

I suspect the computer generated A.I. technology that we slightly understand today, as it has been partially revealed to us, is actually years behind what the mind of mankind has actually already capable of, and now uses and controls at this present time. The A.I. that is coming in the future will be many times more insidious than what the imagination of men can now at this present time conceive.

I also believe that God, using our nation which He created over 250 years ago to be a beacon of His Light going out to the world of that era. Now again this present evil world, enveloped by the darkness of Satanic influences is ripe for harvest as Truth and Deliverance from God Almighty that will only come when He will choose to Bless us with His intervention.

At that past time when Almighty God inspired the Founding Fathers of our nation to prayerfully write our Declaration of Independence from the satanic British Government controlled Central Banking system, as well as our magnificent Constitution declaring our God given rights and control of His then newly created nation to We The People, (His People around the world) who are once again in danger of losing everything unless they repent and turn back to Him.

No matter what you, or I, or anyone else believes, the bottom line is that GOD IS IN CONTROL of all of His Creation. He has a plan. If you are a part of His Plan you should never be overly concerned with worldly issues because He promises in His Word, from Jeremiah 29:11 NIV “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”